May 19, 2024

Homeowners are opting for bold color and neutral tones this year, yet still adding warmth and character into their spaces.

Top home decor trends for 2023 include secondhand shopping and finding new uses for wood. Designers are using this aesthetic to achieve cottagecore aesthetic.

Arched Doorways

Arches add visual interest and character to spaces. Their organic form–with its subtle curves–is sure to bring visual intrigue and elevate any room’s aesthetic, especially if multiple arches are added across your home.

Natural hues–such as bark browns, sandy beiges and earthy greens–are among the top decor trends of 2023 according to Modsy. According to this trend tracker, homeowners are opting for more subdued and soothing tones for their living rooms and home offices.

If you want to bring natural elements into your home without going overboard, layer carpets and rugs of various colors together. This will add depth and texture, as well as make cleaning and tidying much simpler. Also introducing plants into the living area or home office will bring added comfort as they have proven effective at improving air quality while relieving stress.

Previously-Loved Furniture

Repurposing and recycling furniture and decor items is a green solution to staying on trend with home trends during supply-chain disruptions, as it allows homeowners to incorporate pieces with individual characters into their space without breaking the bank.

With an eye for aesthetic, this trend encourages self-expression through vignettes and collectibles. Starting off, adding accent pieces such as lamps or pillows featuring patterns is key, then layer rugs in vibrant hues for an eye-catching focal point.

Though minimalism remains popular, decorative styles have seen an upswing this year – specifically Art Deco-inspired geometric patterns and symmetry are dominating trends this year – which will likely appear everywhere from window treatments to accent tables and chairs.


Staying true to the trend of elevating living, this year’s decor trends center around adding texture and warmth. From subway tile installations in new layouts to floral prints making a comeback – 2023 home decor ideas add intrigue to any room.

Nostalgia is also in fashion, with traditional pieces that bring back childhood memories such as dark wood furniture, floral print fabrics, skirted sinks, bucolic art work, pleated lampshades and pleated lampshades making an appearance in many homes and stores today.

Earth-toned paint colors are in fashion, from warm tans and bark browns to inviting mushroom greys and sandy beiges. Pairing these hues with natural stone finishes like travertine can create tasteful home interiors that won’t date. For an added visual boost, add an eye-catching element like hanging shelves or accent chairs as a sculptural component to make your room an impressive focal point – they will leave all of your guests in awe of its beauty!

Vertical Subway Tiles

Home decor trends change quickly. But some timeless design concepts will remain fashionable over time.

Vertical subway tile can add a contemporary aesthetic that exudes fresh and confident vibes, perfect for modern minimalist and cluttercore aesthetics alike. Its sleek grid pattern will bring order into any space it graces, providing your space with an air of modern minimalism or cluttercore aesthetic.

Warm neutrals and earth-tone colors will always remain popular trends, from inviting mushroom greys and sandy beiges to delicate pinks – adding these hues into your decor will ensure it feels welcoming to guests and make you feel right at home!

Add natural stone elements into your space for an authentic, natural aesthetic. From travertine coffee tables to stacked stone backsplashes, natural stones provide texture and add a sense of calm – pair these designs with wood accents for an aesthetic that feels right at home.

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