June 21, 2024

Homeowners have typically chosen durable materials and functional features over those which promote sustainability, yet this year there seems to be an increased desire for sustainable designs.

2023 is an ideal year for thrift shopping and pre-loved furniture pieces, particularly cottagecore designs that add layers to an eclectic and layered style.

Now more than ever, our focus should be on creating meaningful spaces – this includes word art, glass objects, trinkets and faux books as purely decorative elements are no longer welcome in interiors.

1. Gothic Aesthetics

Home decor trends reflect this desire to express oneself through unique accents and textures to personalize their living spaces. 2023 trends show this desire.

Homeowners are turning back to traditional decor with an eye toward modernity, creating what some designers are terming fresh traditional style. This trend features everything from bucolic artwork and skirted sinks to floral upholstery and more ornate molding and woodwork.

Curves are making a comeback, with crescent sofas, tulip chairs, round rugs and mushroom lighting all making a comeback. Curved accents add visual interest and texture while simultaneously adding organic components from local artisans that add visual balance – not to mention earthy hues mixed in with bright jewel tones for an unexpected balance!

2. Floral Prints

Homeowners increasingly embrace coziness and tradition in their decor, many are opting for floral-print accents such as wallpaper or duvet covers with folky floral patterns to bring in warmth and add depth against darker color schemes. Folky floral patterns create crafty vibes while providing subtle contrast against darker color palettes.

Natural hues like browns and creams have recently replaced the starker pale tones seen in previous years, such as those seen in paint, furniture and home decor. If you prefer something less dynamic yet subdued, natural wood elements and neutral-hued curtains might add the perfect subtle touches for an understated stoicism look.

Cottagecore vibes remain strong with wood being the primary material used in smaller home furniture and decor items, such as wooden table lamps and vintage wooden clocks (which saw an upsurge in searches from Canadian Pinterest users). This rustic aesthetic can also be enhanced with texture fabrics which bring dimension and interest into a space.

3. Transitional Style

Transitional style home design is a popular choice among homeowners looking for something in-between modern and traditional decor styles. Interior designers use this design style to blend historic features like wainscoting or antique furniture with clean lines such as accent pieces or hardware for a unique approach to decor.

Organic textures such as grasscloth and rattan furniture pair perfectly with this style, as do earth tones reminiscent of soil, sky, and water. Furthermore, this trend emphasizes one central focal point when styling your space with artwork or other home decor items.

Curved details like arched doorways and mirrors add a fresh, contemporary aesthetic to your space. Another aspect of this trend includes purchasing pre-loved furniture pieces like those seen here by Decorilla designer Vida N.

4. Arched Details

Homeowners are eager to invest in design features that will improve their quality of life, such as an interior arch. Such an architectural element demonstrates to potential buyers that their house was thoughtfully planned, which they will come to appreciate over time.

Integrating arched windows into your home can add significant value, framing stunning outdoor views or acting as passageways between rooms.

This trend includes materials, textures and colors influenced by nature. Earth tones like terra cotta and sage green have become popular neutral colors; delicate pinks and neutral hues have also become staples of this style.

5. Previously-Loved Furniture

Homeowners continue to embrace sustainable sensibilities in their design choices, which is evidenced in their home decor trends. Rugs that double as functional artwork or furniture featuring round shapes rather than sharp angles are among those seen as embodying this trend.

Home design with wood accents adds a warm and cozy ambience. Rustic pieces like those shown here from Decorilla designer can serve as focal points or simply create a cozy atmosphere in any room.

Homeowners have increasingly turned their focus toward creating mindful spaces. Word art, glass objects and trinkets that were once popular have taken a backseat in favor of more subdued arrangements with deeper meaning. When planning your decor in 2019, seek a balance between decor and restraint for optimal results.

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