May 18, 2024

Home renovation projects are an excellent way to add value and comfort to your property. Not only can they make it more energy-efficient, but they can also give you more square footage and increase its market value.

Before beginning any home renovation project, there are a few things you should take into account. For instance, what exactly do you wish to alter?

Modern Bungalow in Vancouver

Vancouver is renowned for its distinctive West Coast Regional Style of residential design. This adaptation, known as West Coast Regional Style, features post-and-beam construction and stepped flat roofs with clerestory windows that bring nature indoors and allow in plenty of natural light.

When a family moved into a 1950s home in Vancouver, they wanted enough room for their growing children but weren’t satisfied with the layout. So they decided to give the house an extensive makeover and transform it into a modern family bungalow.

This newly renovated home provides the homeowners with all of their desired features, such as extra storage, expansive living areas and a mudroom. Plus, its contemporary yet rustic exterior blends in perfectly with the surrounding neighborhood.

Years ago, Falken Reynolds Interiors took on the challenge of designing a contemporary and serene space for this family. Utilizing various materials in an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere – from polished concrete floors and plaster walls to rift cut oak millwork – they achieved just what they desired: an inviting atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Y-Shaped House in Austin

This 1960’s ranch house in Sherwood Oaks neighborhood of Austin underwent an incredible transformation. Architecture firm co(X)ist Studio expanded the home and added a Y-shaped addition.

The original house was dim and compartmentalized, but this home was renovated into a contemporary space that emphasizes nature. The team opened up the floor plan and built an expansive back porch using reclaimed materials.

They split the existing house into a ‘Y’ shape to create privacy for the master bedroom. This gave the owner her own separate space in her room and an outdoor courtyard at the end of the hallway to bring in more light.

The family of four lives in this home, which doubles as the headquarters for their architecture firm co(X)ist. It’s a home that showcases their lifestyle and design sensibility – it’s the ideal spot for them to work and raise their two children – they’re so glad they made the changes!

Contemporary House in London

This once drab house in London was transformed into an exquisite contemporary home with new windows, a bright and airy interior, and an intimate connection to its stunning garden. Architects Edouard Brunet and Francois Martens did an outstanding job in making this transformation possible.

Before and After:

The original structure of this Victorian semi-detached house was in excellent condition, but its owners desired a modern makeover to give it a more contemporary vibe. Thanks to Murdock Young Architects’ help, they were able to achieve their goal.

The architects designed and constructed an elegant, glazed side extension and zinc clad mansard roof that allowed natural light to flood into the home. The end result is a gorgeous, airy house that feels like the ideal family retreat.

Contemporary House in Toronto

A well-to-do family living in this West End Victorian home wanted more for their money, and local architecture firm Williamson Williamson helped them achieve this with an innovative extension that seamlessly combined modernity and tradition – truly a feat if there ever was one! You’d be hard-pressed to tell it’s not the original design!

Of all the upgrades, this luxurious master suite is our favorite. It boasts one of the most opulent bathrooms we’ve ever seen – complete with a custom spa.

It’s safe to say this house is the envy of its neighbours and a prime example of what an impressive home renovation can achieve. From the kitchen to luxurious bedroom suites, everything has been completely restyled from dull to fabulous. It’s the little things that make all the difference, and these proud homeowners now have a home they can be proud of for years to come.

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