July 19, 2024

No matter if it’s winter, spring, summer or fall – there are plenty of ways to bring holiday joy into your home. These ideas will help bring the season alive in every room.

Keep your holiday decor fresh from year to year by selecting a theme and storing anything that doesn’t match. This will help your designs feel new each year and make switching up decorations in different rooms much simpler.

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Winter is an exhilarating time of year when trees are bare, snow falls gently and frost twinkles. It’s also a chance to appreciate nature’s elements around us and bring them inside your home for festive decor inspiration.

Christmas decorations and greenery are classic holiday items that will last throughout the season. Indulge in pre-lit wreaths or string lights for illumination inside your home, as well as candles with a flickering flame or LED options that turn on automatically.

Rearranging furniture can help invigorate rooms, especially during the colder months when you want to create a warm and welcoming gathering spot. Pull in pieces toward the center of the room and position them near the fireplace for an inviting nook that feels relaxed yet cozy.

A potpourri or basket of pinecones scented with cinnamon is an affordable and charming way to bring a festive touch to your decor all year long. It’s sure to make your home feel cozy and welcoming wherever you put it, no matter the season!


Spring is the perfect time to add some zest and vibrancy to your home. Making small changes like swapping out wall art for seasonal pieces doesn’t need to be stressful or expensive; they can easily be done!

Accent pillows can also be changed up for the season. Switch out winter textures for soft cottons in pastel hues that will bring some festive cheer into your living space.

Keep a basket of warm throw blankets folded over the back of your sofa so you always have somewhere cozy to snuggle. Add some faux fur, sherpa or plaid blankets for an understated holiday flair without committing to an entire new look.

String art is making a comeback, especially when created with barn wood and flowers. Blogger Katie Shelton of A Beautiful Mess created an indoor spring wreath out of felt and burlap ribbon, adding leaves in shades of green as well as trompe l’oeil baby carrots to celebrate one of the season’s star vegetables.


Traditional decorating with red and green hues can be quite traditional, but for a summery vibe try opting for lighter tones. Paint your walls a light shade of blue or yellow, or opt for neutrals with lighter accents.

Make your apartment’s decor easy to maintain by choosing simple furniture and festive accent pieces. Add some battery-operated string lights for nighttime illumination, then swap out heavy curtains for lightweight sheers that move with the breeze.

Even if you don’t have a fireplace, consider hanging stockings for an easy festive touch. This low maintenance decoration is great for renters as it won’t violate any lease restrictions.

Create a stunning display above your mantel or bookshelf by nestling existing vases into festive garland. Or try this clever idea to give your home an air of travel-themed charm.

This charming noel decoration embodies the summertime spirit with driftwood and sea shells. Driftwood creates a coastal-themed aesthetic, helping your house feel like an idyllic getaway.


Fall is the perfect time to add cozy accents and festive seasonal decor to your home. Simply swapping out summery soft furnishings for thicker fabrics in the living area or replacing some thin throws with something with more texture can make a big impact without breaking the bank.

Create a striking table display for guests with just some simple fall decorations, like boxes filled with pears, pumpkins and ornamental kale or cabbage. For added interest, mix and match different-sized pieces to create an eye-catching tabletop arrangement.

Wreaths are a timeless classic for good reason–not only do they add some seasonal color and pizzazz to your front door, but they also serve as an effortless way to welcome guests and set the atmosphere inside your home.

Instead of purchasing a pre-made wreath, why not DIY it by crafting one from natural materials you already have at home. Dry twigs, pinecones and even acorns can be glued onto plain grapevine wreath for an eye-catching look that’s truly one-of-a kind.

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