May 19, 2024

Though white rooms remain popular, homeowners are increasingly opting for darker paint colors. These rich hues pair beautifully with golden accents and natural wooden pieces.

Plants remain an ever-popular home trend that shows no sign of abating. You’ll see them everywhere from kitchen islands to bedrooms.

1. Natural Woods

Dark woods were popular a while ago but fell out of style for awhile, yet are making a comeback now. According to Duval, however, homeowners should approach this trend with caution.

Raw decoration brings nature indoors through tree trunk side tables, branches used as hooks and reclaimed wood flooring – it’s an eco-friendly trend that supports recycling!

Curves have become a hot home decor trend this year. Searches on Pinterest have increased for furniture featuring curves such as chairs and kitchen islands that boast them.

2. Darker Paint Colors

Designers tend to favor darker paint colors when creating sophisticated and cozy spaces. To find your ideal moody atmosphere, determining how moody or cozy a room should feel will be key, with choosing an appropriate hue bringing that emotion to life.

Black with gray undertones such as Behr Beluga or Sherwin Williams Naval are an excellent choice for living rooms and dining areas, pairing well with wooden furniture and gold accents.

3. Gold Accents

Gold home decor is an eye-catching trend that remains fashionable year after year. By adding touches like a gold-framed mirror or artwork with gold hues to any room, gold decor can instantly upgrade it!

Unadorned wood pieces are another emerging trend that effortlessly combine beauty and simplicity. Achieve this look is easy by using unadorned tables as well as adding natural accents such as foliage.

4. Black & White

Many designers predict a return to more classic home decor in 2018. This may include elements such as warm wall colors, antique wooden furniture with aged patina and rounded corners, as well as natural fiber rugs made of nubby wool or jute.

Geometric patterns are also popular this year and combine two of 2019’s hottest trends into one stylish look that you can integrate into your home easily and in various forms. You can incorporate this style in different rooms of your house.

5. Monochromatic Ceilings & Walls

Now that bold hues like blues and greens have returned as trendy home decor choices, more layered looks are trending toward home design. Kristy Wicks of Blogger K’Wisket did an exceptional job creating her dining room’s monochromatic design by carrying the same blue hue from wall color through light fixture, glass centerpiece and upholstery fabric – truly nailing monochromism!

Major trends, such as neutral paint colors or neutral neutrals, usually last 10 years or less while smaller trends (e.g. a specific throw pillow style) might last shorter.

6. Warmer Wall Colors

Cool gray tones have become outdated in recent years, while warmer tones such as browns and beiges are emerging as stylish neutrals that feel cozy yet sophisticated. Try Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray (opens in new tab) for a sophisticated and cozy neutral option.

Homeowners are increasingly opting for vintage pieces from grandma’s attic when decorating their home, including using heirloom china on the dining table. This trend adds a personal touch and can add unique character to your space.

7. Mixing Old & New

Reviving antique pieces into your decor can make for an eye-catching statement, adding unique style. However, be careful to do this only sparingly so as not to overrun the room with details!

Hipstoric style furniture can also add antique furniture into your home, creating a curated appearance. This style marries vintage with modern elements for an eye-catching design feature.

8. Black & Gold

Few color combinations work better together than black and gold. Add this classic combination with tassels, fringes and macrame embellishment on pillows, throws and rugs for a look that feels both elegant and boho chic.

Recent years have seen homeowners embrace playful and whimsical decor in their homes, but 2023 will see those trends evolve further. Look out for black window frames, light fixtures and furniture details as part of this trend.

9. Mirrors

One of the most playful trends in home decor was curved furniture and accessories last year, and they look set to remain popular this year as well. Add an eye-catching curvy touch with a mirror like Roma wall piece to any bedroom or living space for added fun!

Another way to incorporate curves is with trompe l’oeil decor. This chic “eye” mirror would add an eye-catching element to a gallery wall display.

10. Warmer Tones

Once we’ve come out from underneath our winter hibernation blankets, it is time to come out from under. This design trend can be seen in curved furniture pieces with rounded edges; coffee tables with arched doors and windows; as well as architectural details with arched windows or doors.

Color experts anticipate warmer tones will be trending this year, so look for colors like Sherwin Williams Redend Point or Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush to breathe new life into your walls this year.

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