June 21, 2024

Home Outdoor Kitchens and Grills are becoming more and more popular as consumers invest in their backyards. These spaces can be transformed into extra living areas that provide all the amenities of home.

These outdoor spaces are also great opportunities to spend quality time with family. They foster stronger bonds, reduce stress and enhance life quality.

Outdoor Living Room

The outdoor living room is the ideal spot for gathering with family and friends in Napa Valley. This vineyard space boasts a vaulted roof, open sides to admire views of the garden, and sheer white curtains for softening the ambience.

A sectional sofa is the go-to option for outdoor living room seating. It’s ideal for long conversations under the stars and providing a cozy spot to unwind on Sunday afternoons with a glass of wine or beer.

Alternatively, if you have the space, consider investing in a cozy swing or hammock. Hanging one from a pergola or placing it on a stand is an easy way to add shade without compromising your outdoor living area’s view.

Before you begin planning for your outdoor living area, you must decide where the sun falls in your garden and what purpose it will serve – is it mainly used for dining (dappled shade works best), sunbathing or simply relaxing? Knowing this information will enable you to decide whether a full-sized roof, awning or pergola is necessary.

Galley Style

When it comes to outdoor kitchen and grill designs, there are plenty of choices. One popular style is the galley style.

This layout is designed with two parallel lines to allow easy passage through the kitchen without crowding it or trip over appliances. Galley style kitchens are great for those with young children or who wish to allow guests to serve themselves.

Another option is a linear island design. These are often combined with either a dining table or seating set to create a more complete space.

This L-shaped kitchen is ideal for families on a budget who need space for grilling and refrigeration without breaking the bank. Plus, there’s plenty of room to prepare food as well as have guests over for dining in style.

Open Bar

Add a bar or counter to your outdoor kitchen and grill for guests to relax and chat. It also provides the cook with ample prep area and extra serving space.

An open bar is often chosen for parties and social gatherings, providing guests with a wide selection of beverages to choose from. This service may be provided informally by catering companies or formal establishments like bars or restaurants.

An open bar may offer guests a wide range of drinks, but the costs can add up quickly and become an obstacle for hosts. If there is limited selection on offer, guests may be charged more per hour than if they could select from top shelf choices.

When considering whether an open bar is appropriate for your next party or event, take into account the size of your guest list and whether a lot of alcohol will be consumed. Doing this can save money and keep guests from becoming too boisterous.

Family Room

The family room can be an excellent addition to your home. Typically located off the kitchen, this space serves as a gathering place for family members to watch television, play games, and socialize.

Designing a family room should aim to create an inviting atmosphere with furniture that’s both versatile and easy to clean. Opt for soft, comfortable sofas, chairs, and other seating to ensure maximum comfort during use.

Another great idea is to incorporate family photos and heirlooms into the design. Displaying these items will signal that this space is for all members of the family to come together.

If your patio is small, the family room makes for an ideal location to set up an outdoor kitchen and grill. This can be a great way to add extra seating at parties when guests want to enjoy food outdoors.

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