May 18, 2024

This open-concept living room has a minimalist and youthful feel. Two large couches and a pair of bar stools make for comfortable seating and a fun conversation area. Colorful touches add interest to the living room. A bright Bird of Paradise plant and a modern coffee table bridge the two couches, using the expansive floor space to its maximum benefit.

Adding natural elements is essential for city apartment dwellers, and a citrus tree in the corner of the living room would be a welcome addition. If you’re working with a smaller living space, enclosed storage will help. This apartment was designed by Shapeless Studio, and features stacked books on the coffee table, and cabinets closed for storage.

A mid-century modern A-frame living room maximizes space. While the main seating feature is a couch, a leather pouf and vintage-style hoop chair provide additional seating. Nesting coffee tables create more seating space to the right and center of the room. Additional style accents include a potted plant and a woven basket. A rug completes the look. This stylish living room is sure to impress.

Adding beautiful artwork to your living room will lift the mood. You can hang your favorite pieces over the fireplace, console table, or sideboard to make the space look lively. Shelving units are also essential for displaying your decor. They save floor space while adding beautiful wall art. You can also add a fireplace for extra flair.

The living room above is a great example of an open-concept living room with contemporary flair. Bright blue walls and an eclectic mix of pieces create an inviting and colorful living space. The black fireplace and gray brick walls complement the vibrant interior setting. The furniture and carpeted floors add a touch of modernity.

A living room is the hub of the home and deserves top priority when it comes to design. A well-designed living room is conducive to family time and entertaining guests. It also sets the tone for the rest of the home. This space is a place to display the creative side of you and your taste.

Having a beautiful and comfortable living room isn’t difficult if you use the right details and furnishings. A statement-making piece such as a unique coffee table or a set of silver candlestick holders can make a living room stand out. Likewise, an eclectic style is a great way to make a living room feel comfortable and inviting for family and friends. Adding plants or wall hangings is another way to give a stylish feel to your living room.