July 19, 2024

There are many plants that can thrive in the garden with less attention. These plants are commonly referred to as low-care plants and can provide many benefits to your garden. For example, some low-maintenance plants can also make excellent ground covers. Some perennial plants are also deer and rabbit resistant.

Choosing the right plants for your yard can be challenging. Many homeowners assume that their yard is too dry, too shady, or too sandy to grow anything in it. However, knowing these common yard conditions can inspire creative plant selections. A few tips will help you choose the perfect plants for your yard. The first step is to read the label. Read the description of each plant, as some may require special care. Also, make sure to provide the right amount of light for the plants.

Plants that need little care are usually perennials, shrubs, groundcovers, and ornamental grasses. Some perennials that require minimal attention are coneflowers and daisies. These plants are deer and rabbit resistant, and their flowers do not attract a lot of insects. These plants will give you a beautiful garden without much effort.